Light sensitivity or photophobia is a common symptom in migraine, concussion, and blepharospasm.

Often, people will use dark sunglasses indoors to cope with their light sensitivity. We strongly discourage this as wearing dark glasses indoors will result in dark adaptation of your eyes’ photoreceptors and will only aggravate your sensitivity to light.

FL-41 glasses, which have a pinkish tint, block the blue-green wavelengths (480 nm). This wavelength of light is bothersome and potentially harmful to the eyes in patients with photophobia.

These glasses are available in light and dark shades and can decrease the pain resulting from photophobia and as a result, decrease the frequency of headaches in patients with migraine and concussion.

We recommend using the light tint indoors and dark tint outdoors.

We offer different styles of these glasses at a reasonable price.