Dr. Dunford earned her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Manitoba
and her Optometry degree from Pacific University in Oregon. After completing her
Doctorate, she pursued a prestigious residency in Binocular Vision Disorders and
Vision Rehabilitation at the State University of New York, becoming the second
Canadian to complete it.
Returning to Manitoba in 2000, Dr. Dawn worked at various clinics and, in 2004,
became the first female and only the third Canadian optometrist to earn a Fellowship
in the College of Optometry in Vision Development. Her practice initially focused on
learning disabilities but has expanded to include rehabilitation for Traumatic Brain
Injury (TBI) and concussions. Her work in this challenging field helps patients regain
function after trauma.
Dr. Dawn has also been a National Board Examiner for Optometry Exams in the USA
and an Assistant Adjunct Clinical Professor for Pacific University for over 20 years.
In 2019, she achieved a milestone by earning accreditation for a private practice
residency in Vision Therapy, Paediatrics, and Vision Rehabilitation, the first of its
kind in Canada.
Dr. Dawn offers routine eye exams and specialized exams for those struggling with
post-concussion symptoms, computer-related vision issues, reading difficulties, and
double vision. She provides individualized visual rehabilitation programs to help
patients recover from these conditions.